Important Notice: Property Tax Valuation

30 Sep

Are you living in a primary residence? If so, WATCH for your
Property Notice of Valuation that you will receive for 2012. It will
not be a postcard this year, but will be in the form of a legal size
letter. NOTE: There will be an affidavit enclosed with the valuation.
Jobs Bill HB2001 signed by Governor Brewer on February 17,
2011 is intended to help businesses. BUT buried in the 214 page
bill is a way to shift cost to homeowners. Under new legislation
there is a new clause where in you must sign and send back the
affidavit to receive The State General Fund Credit.
The affidavit must be completed and returned to the
County Assessor within 60 days or the residential
property will be reclassified as Class Four (rental) and
your Property Taxes will go up as much as $600.00
depending on the homes value.
Don’t let this happen to you! Advise your friends and family


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